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A Better Way to Protect Your School: Mitigate Threat Before an Attack Worksho
Friday, September 22, 2023, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM CDT
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A Better Way To Protect Your School: Mitigate Threat Before an Attack – All Without Turning Your School Into a Fortress

September 22, 2023 | Christ Presbyterian Academy, Nashville
9:30 am - 12:30 pm Central

Target Audience: Heads of School, Associate Heads, Division Heads, Trustees, and the Directors of the following departments: Business, Facilities, and Safety/Security.

In today’s culture of violence, particularly with the increase of active shooters, many schools are grappling with the question of how they can protect the lives of their communities without having to give up the culture they love.  Is it even possible? Yes. In this workshop, we will discuss how Unity – Inclusiveness – Empowerment - Awareness are the best ways to stop active shooters and other attacks at schools.

TAIS invites you to a discounted three-hour presentation on Proactive School Security and The Israeli Model given by Peter Crabbe of Chameleon Associates – a world wide leader in Security Consulting. Mr. Crabbe is Chameleon Associates’ Director of School Operations and an expert in the field of proactively mitigating threats to schools and other venues. With over 20 years in the field of security and over 40 years in human behavior analysis, Mr. Crabbe will explain to TAIS members how they need not wait for an attack to happen and hope to respond well, how they have an opportunity to stop an attack before it begins.

“While responding well to an attack is very important, we have a tendency to believe that preparing for an attack and stopping it quickly is our only choice. Chameleon will show you that pre-attack indicators are clear, observable, and actionable and that schools should empower themselves with the knowledge of what to look for: days, weeks, months prior to an attack.”

Far different from many presentations you may have attended in the past, this mitigation method strives to actually win the battle and not just lose well. Mr. Crabbe has provided this training at hundreds of sites (both domestic and international), and of critical interest to schools is the fact the method is done by creating more communication, unity, and inclusiveness. It teaches the benefits of security through caring and empowerment as opposed to fear and response.

The third hour of the program is an interactive session called The Adversary’s Workshop. The attendees will split into groups and get the opportunity to "think like the enemy” and plan a criminal attack against a school target. The purpose of this workshop is to get the attendees to use their imagination the way a criminal does, realize the steps the criminal must take, and then look for the suspicious actions which would give them away. This allows the groups to see how to build Proactive Standard Operating Procedures for their schools based on pre-attack indicators and without spending any money.

TAIS Members: $60
Guests: $100

Peter Crabbe is Chameleon’s Director of School Operations and has been part of the Chameleon team for over twenty years. He began his career working in the Illinois Depart. of Corrections' Juvenile Division. After moving to Los Angeles, he conducted surveillance and worked under-cover in an 18-month DOJ investigation which netted several arrests. He has provided executive protection services for celebrities, CEOs, and families, conducted hundreds of assessments for schools and other sites, conducted trainings of security teams and law enforcement, has been an anti-terrorism instructor for the Department of Homeland Security and manages red team operations to ensure a high-quality security performance. Peter is often asked to speak to faculty, staff and parents about Chameleon’s unique approach to school security. He earned a B.A. in Communications with honors from Principia College.


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