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Do you have a product or service that would benefit our schools?  If so, you should consider becoming involved with TAIS through one of the opportunities below. 

Corporate Sponsors and Friends

Corporate Sponsors and Friends support TAIS and its events--such as professional development workshops, conferences, retreats, meetings, etc.--throughout the school year.  While TAIS does not officially endorse the products and/or services offered by these companies, it is part of the association’s mission to create opportunities to connect member schools with useful resources that may assist them in providing an outstanding educational program for their students and families.  For information on benefits and pricing, please view this link.

Corporate Sponsors - Event Underwriters

To gain additional exposure to our schools, both Corporate Sponsors and Corporate Friends may choose to underwrite an individual TAIS Workshop or Roundtable Discussion event.  In addition, one or two Corporate Sponsors at a time will be able to udnerwrite the biennial Heads Retreat.  Underwriting an event will entail paying a significant portion of its expenses.  The details will need to be discussed in advance, as each event is different in audience type, number in attendance, location, etc.  In exchange, we will not only provide your company with visibility through professional signage throughout the event and include your logo on the event’s program, but you will be able to send up to two representatives to it to network informally with the participants.


TAIS offers two opportunities for you to display your company’s products or services via a booth, as in Trade Shows.  We also provide incentives for our attendees to ensure exhibitors’ booths receive maximum attendance.  The potential exhibit opportunities include:

  • TAIS Technology Institute, Attended by over 150 Teachers, Technology Coordinators, and Administrators  (April of every year)
  • TAIS Biennial Conference, Attended by over 1,400 Teachers, Heads of School and Administrators (November of even-numbered years)