2019-2020 TAIS Corporate Support Registration

TAIS will add your company's logo to its website. Pleaste enter the url you wish TAIS to use when hyperlinking your logo. Please note: Some companies wish to direct schools to a certain page on their website, rather than their home page. ​​
Choose your level of support. TAIS will mail an invoice to your office.​​​​
The term of this program is from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Corporate Support Commitments are for the entire fiscal year, and no refunds or partial refunds are permitted. TAIS will automatically send you and invoice to renew your membership in The Corporate Support Program each July. Corporate Support constitutes neither endorsement nor approval by TAIS of the supporter's services or products. TAIS reserves the right to cancel a Corporate Sponsor/Friend status if, in the judgment of the TAIS Executive Director, the Sponsor/Friend's business activities are deemed inconsistent with the mission of TAIS. If this occurs, no refund will be made. Sponsors/Friends are not permitted to use the TAIS name or logo for their own purposes.​​​​​

Please email your company's logo (high-resolution, jpeg format) to Jill Hall, TAIS Assistant Director, at royka@taistn.com.  TAIS will mail an invoice to the address you entered above.  

Sponsors and Friends will benefit most by committing before September 18, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Jill Hall at (615) 321-2800 or Jill@taistn.com.

Thank you for supporting TAIS and its member schools.